1st single 'The Heavy 6' drops 26th November 2020

Instrumental EP


In early 2019 Ben went into Silver Shark Studios to record his long talked about first instrumental release 'POE'. This project, long dreamed about, was brought forth with the assistance of master drummer Giuliano Osella from Italy and Bass player extraordinaire Chris Pearson from Australia. First single 'The Heavy 6' will be released on the 26th November 2020 with the filmclip featuring clips from the studio sessions dropping the week before on the 19th of November! 

Why Instrumental?

Although he loves the opportunity to play his more 'mainstream' vocal material either solo or with his trio all over the world, Ben's first love has always been guitar and instrumental music. Growing up in small towns in Australia Ben fell in love with guitar artists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Morse and has tried throughout his career to emulate these levels of excellence in his playing. These 5 new songs are the first steps to realise the dream of a more guitar focussed journey into the unknown!! 

Keys tracking with Henry Dearden late 2019 

Whats with the name 'POE'?

While by no means all, a lot of the material on this release lends itself to the progressive rock and metal genres drawing imagery from Gothic authors like Oliver Cromwell and Edgar Allan Poe. Conveniently the first letter of the last names of the 3 principle musicians on this EP- Pearson, Osella and Eaton also spell out the word 'POE'


While you wait check out some little progress vids from Instagram

Harmonic Movement playthrough
'The Heavy 6' main melody
'Funtry Cunks' Intro
'The Barrow Key' intro

More coming sooooon......