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Hamza Namira- 'Remix'

Moving to the UK has allowed Ben to play and collaborate with some of the worlds finest musicians. This includes his recent solo support for Ginger Baker's (Cream) 'Airforce 3' show at the Iconic Borderline club in London's Soho district.

'REMIX'- Alaraby TV

Most recently Ben had the opportunity to collaborate with Egyptian music powerhouse Hamza Namira for the Alaraby TV's 'Remix' television programme. This programme set out to take different songs from various traditional arabic cultures and re-interpret them using musicians specializing in different instruments and styles.

Using his unique looping approach as well as guitar and vocal techniques Ben, along with rising Egyptian rap and hiphop star Zap Tharwat and local Palestinian beatboxer and rapper Omar Sammur, joined Hamza in revisiting the song 'Ya Nes Jaratli'.

Filmed live in the studio as well on location outside Shepards Bush Tube on a freezing London winters day, the episode shows the ideas behind, the arranging and recording, and final product of this intense single day experience. Having never worked together before the experience was both challenging and intensly rewarding!

Below is the full episode as well as the stand alone clip- Enjoy!

Remix with Hamza Namira | Ya Nes Jaratli - Algerie (Full episode)

Ya Nes Jaratli ( Hamza Namira - Zap Tharwat- Omar Sammur -Ben Eaton)

Instrumental Duets

Above all else Ben loves to play! And writing instrumental music has been a lifelong passion.

To that end Ben has begun a project asking some of the guitarists he most admires and respects to join him on a series of tracks to celebrate the joy of collaboration and sharing of musical ideas. The idea is for a guest guitarist to play several solos or sections on a single track that Ben has composed or arranged. Each one specifically selected for their own particular flavour and skill sets to allow each artist to record something truly great! 

An album is planned for release mid next year containing all these amazing tracks.

Below is the video of the first track- 'Higher Ground' with Jack Gillen

'Higher Ground' featuring Jack Gillen

Jack Gillen is fast becoming one of London's best proponents of Jazz and Blues- combining an impeccable melodic sensibility with faultless technique and taste. On this arrangement of the Stevie Wonder classic 'Higher Ground' both Ben and Jack have a chance to fully flesh out some truly memorable solos which compliment each others different styles and even end the song on a fun harmony line- Enjoy!

'Higher Ground'

Featuring Jack Gillen

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