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The brand new EP
available now

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Sweet Thing Cover.jpg

The brand new song
available now

'Sweet Thing' live @ The Preservation Room

'Mountaintop' live @ Pizza Express Holborn

Live Clips and Studio Diary

In late 2016 Ben started tracking for his new project in Lyre Studios in London.

"I recorded this album a little differently to my previous 3 albums with the trio using only the acoustic rig I use live with some creative looping and songwriting. This 5 track release explores my recent move to the UK and the hopes, dreams and experiences that go along with finding your way in a brand new environment. Also featured is the unbelievably talented Chris Pearson on the upright bass who also played on the album. Enjoy!"

On this page are some live clips of the new songs as well as  'Diary' exerpts from the tracking process 


I represent the people

Sweet thing

Rise up

Studio Diary 1

Day 1 instrumental guitar session

Studio Diary 2

Day 2 Big bass day

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